Making a deservingly good meal for your loved ones after a long day is now easy beyond imagination. With Cuckoo’s range of intelligent high-pressure multi-cookers, cooking dishes that are both truly delicious and healthy is just as simple as pressing a few buttons.


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) rice is germinated brown rice that contains high level of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, which is seen as a healthy and delivious food product. GABA rice packs a lot more nutrients than white rice, including iron, magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, dietary fibre and minerals.


While other rice cookers may need at least a few days to cook GABA rice, Cuckoo’s high-pressure multi-cookers are the first in the market to be able to cook GABA rice within a few hours!


1. Smart Algorithms
Programmed and developed from over 30 years of research, the smart algorithms adjust the power and pressure level accordingly to different types of cooking. So far, over 300 recipes have been created via Cuckoo’s smart algorithm technology!

2. Pressure Cooking
This special feature does not only reduce up to 70% of cooking time and energy-usage, it also heats food evenly to allow the minerals to stay undissolved and help food retain their original tastes. The high temperature also eliminates harmful microorganisms and reduces aflatoxins concentration to safe levels.

3. Heating Technology
Induction heating technology heats food with radio frequency electricity emitted from the induction heating zone underneath the pot. The entire pot acts as the heating element so that food is cooked more evenly. This innovative feature is capable of heating up food up to 20% quicker!

4. Coating Technology
The inner pot is coated with Cuckoo’s proprietary SK-FLON coating, which keeps food from being contaminated by the harmful substances of aluminium and prevents rice from sticking onto the walls of the pot.

5. Voice Navigation
The intelligent voice navigation system, which is available in different languages, is effective in keeping the experience of using the multi-cooker easy and simple.

6. 22 Types of Safety System
Both hardware and software safety features are specially designed to give you complete peace of mind. The features include the pressure control device, secondary pressure release, lock checking device, reed switch, thermal fuse and many, many more.


Patented Double Layered Rubber Packing | Full Stainless-Steel Detachable Cover | Patented Soft Steam Cap | Non-Stop Steam Emission | Auto-Steam Cleaning |Water Draining System | Mega Thermal Power | Hydraulic Slow Opening Mode